The End

Short Essays

Love can last forever, but this beating heart, trembling in the mud of emotions will be buried one day. Nothing. No noise. Silence. And it’ll end.

I had a fight with someone in February 2014. We never talked after that. My heart was going through wave of emotions, good or bad. They were holding me tight. But still there was a possibility that she might call. So I started this blog “Wait for your call” in May 2014.

Everything I wrote was just a reflection of my heart in that moment. Love, hatred, anger, sadness. Nothing was planned. It was all instantaneous. And it really helped me calm my heart and my soul and all the troubles I was going through.

During this journey I also met beautiful souls through wordpress that made me realise the goodness of this world and all the beautiful hearts.

Now with this post I end this blog. Yes, i’m ending this blog. It really meant something. It’s my journey. My life. My soul.

Thank you all for being there. Thank you anyone who has read any of my posts. May the love shine forever. God Bless All.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Free Verse

Sitting here,

lost in thoughts,

I collect the memories,

of us being together,

walking through the

passages of time,

whispering but never speaking,

hearing but never listening,

knowing about each other’s presence,

and not understanding.

We were never really together

because we were never meant to be.

And now that you are gone.

Now that you are gone,

Although I can’t go on,

I wish we never meet again.

I pray we never meet again.